A Little December Gift For You!


oh hello, 

Good Tidings to YOU!

Happy December, and good tidings to you and the beginning of the wackiness we call the holiday season!!

So New Years is coming and that means resolutions right!?  A new year symbolizing new beginnings, a fresh start!

If you haven't jumped on the yoga train yet, there really is no better time (I'll get to that in a hot sec) < and if you're already a yoga lover, this applies to you too!

If you've never taken a class, there's a chance you may be feeling a bit intimated or concerned you're not cut out for it?

Trust, you are not alone...    

I hear it all the time.... ALL THE TIME! 

"I'm not very flexible", "I'm not sure I have the body for it",  "I don't know anything about yoga", "I'll be so lost I don't know any of the poses!", "I'm too old!", "I can't even touch my toes!"

First of all, let it be known that the asanas or postures in yoga are just a small part of the experience, and secondly, yoga is for everyBODY!! .... so take that girl from the cover of 'Yoga Journal' magazine out of your head and chuck it into your mental garbage can!  And finally, there is a magical solution to your yoga insecurities.  Here it is:


Private sessions are by far my favourite part of teaching yoga.   You are one-on-one with an instructor and led through a sequence, just for you! It is tailored to suit your needs and level of experience but also covers a wide variety of the most common poses in yoga to learn proper alignment.    As your instructor, privates allow me to tailor modifications and variations specific to you, so that when you join our group you will be confident and also safe as you practise.    Hello, front row of the class!!!

Here is the best part ALL as a gift to you private bookings in December are offered at a discounted price and remember each private includes one free class pass!  Bonus!! 

Ready to book your first one-on-one for the new year or want to find out more?  Shoot me off an email by clicking here

Try to kick back this holiday season,
and remember that when you can't find your zen amongst the chaos, there is still always wine.
as always, Much Love,

 - Laura Jane

ps.  If your in the Honey Harbour, Port Severn area I hope to see you during this years festivities!