Your Free 'Essential at Home Yoga Guide'

Yes... it's spring here in Port Severn... but yes, it's still wintery out there :(  When weather doesn't cooperate, it's sometimes hard to find motivation to do much of anything...  and even though I know you'd love to do yoga more regularly, you are busy, and making yoga a priority can be a challenge.

Not to worry, I totally get it... and I've got you covered!

I've attached an 'At Home Yoga Guide' below to download for free... here are just a few basic asanas (poses) you can safely try at home, that are fairly common in the yoga room to get you through until you're next class.
The sequence of asanas we’ve created is fairly straight forward (sorry no handstands and backflips today).  We want to be sure you’re kept out of harm's way.  With that said, always listen to your body and do what’s comfortable for you.

Be aware, that yoga, if done improperly, can result in some pretty nasty injuries.  It’s definitely best to get proper professional instruction, or even better, a private one-on-one session to start.  Check out what classes we offer and click here to find more info on one-on-one private sessions.
Before you start, find a quiet, peaceful space in your home with limited distractions.  Feel free to dim the lights, light some candles, and put on some relaxing music.    Download the PDF file below for printing or keep it handy on your phone.